As we enter the new year, many builders, designers, and architects are focusing on the hottest new designs to maximize the comfort and value of their commercial builds. New trends come and go, but some are engineered to pave the way into the future with a floor plan that is both sustainable and fashionable. In order to deliver a beneficial outcome, many companies seek out new ways to create a dynamic space that encourages both collaboration and employee health. It is important to create a floor plan that accommodates modern styles and preferences, but also allows for future growth. If you are planning on deploying innovative designs in a cost-effective manner, it is essential to find a commercial drywall company with the skills and experience needed to deliver the right results.

AZ Drywall Finishing is proud to be your trusted team of drywall contractors throughout Chicago, delivering precise outcomes that are completed on time and on budget. Since 1999, our team has worked to provide complete services to get the job done, including metal stud framing, complete drywall installation, wall finishings, acoustical ceilings, and more. Our drywall company focuses on safe practices and high-quality outcomes for remodels, new builds, additions, and more.

We are confident that we can create a space that perfectly matches your vision and future goals. Today, we’ll discuss a few top trends to consider going into 2019. If you’re ready to request your no-obligation estimate, be sure to contact our team today!


The trend of creating spacious floor plans has been in use for years now, but companies are continually finding ways to improve their design plan in order to incorporate more cohabitation and teamwork in a way that appeals to the younger workforce. This plan often centers around versatile floor plans that are tailored to the goals of the business, delivering versatility in non-traditional ways.

AZ Drywall Finishing has experience in creating dynamic open spaces for a variety of applications. Our drywall installers and finishers have the experience to work with you to find an ideal fit for your business. You can focus on teamwork, open communication, and more by creating a floor plan that is matched to your company’s mission and values. A few ideas that may prove ideal for your work space include:

  • Comfortable furniture for relaxed interactions.
  • Spacious floors without cubicles.
  • Mobile space dividers, if desired.
  • Plentiful natural light, if available.
  • Specialized areas, including meeting spots, creative spaces, tech areas, and more.


Everyone loves nature, and this desire for green spaces can be lost in the daily hustle and bustle of corporate life. Numerous studies have also been completed that suggest that human health and productivity are linked to the natural world. Simply put, working in close proximity with nature makes people healthier and happier. Corporate giants such as Amazon and Google have employed natural elements to lower stress, boost productivity, and more. Giving individuals the ability to disconnect and breathe easy may prove ideal for your team. At the least, natural elements in the office can help to infuse some fresh air and vitality into the building.

Known as Biophilic Design, many companies are working to incorporate this philosophy into their plans to provide considerable boosts to overall health of their workforce. The philosophy centers around meshing our natural world with modern buildings. Most often, corporations focus on the use of natural light, plants, and natural patterns to create a complete building design. Introducing more greens into your building can be accomplished in simple, affordable ways, or your team can elect to try out something more advanced. In either case, it pays to find a local drywall company that can create the complex, precise outcomes expected for infusing nature with gypsum.


One interesting approach modern builders take focuses on incorporating old elements from aging buildings and incorporating them into modern designs for a timeless look. Companies can create amazing features that are both beautiful and cost-effective. If your structure features aging steel or bricks, you can seamlessly integrate these elements with modern pieces for an amazing look that will impress both your employees and customers. Exposed ceilings, bare concrete pillars, and other old-school elements can all play a role in creating the old-meets-new design your company wants, creating an outcome that is sure to stay in style for the long haul.

Next time, we’ll continue this topic by highlighting a few more design ideas that may prove useful for your building in the new year. If you’re ready to learn about how AZ Drywall Finishing can introduce amazing outcomes in the safest and most cost-effective manner, our Chicago-based drywall contractors are here and ready to lend a hand. Contact us today to learn more about our quality-first approach, and be sure to request your free estimate!

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