As the holiday season approaches, many builders and property managers are focusing on the thermal characteristics of their structures to ensure that the hot air stays in and the cold air stays out. While this may sound simple, building design has evolved to deliver high-quality outcomes for structures of all sizes. If you’re on this page because you are looking for drywall installation services, focusing on your building’s envelope design will help to deliver an optimal result. A building envelope consists of all of the outer elements of your structure that combine to maintain a consistently comfortable temperature inside. Architects and engineers both rely on this approach to deliver the best outcomes for buildings across the globe, and Illinois is no different.

Our drywall contractors in Chicago have the skills and experience to deliver an ideal outcome for any project. Since 1999, our commercial drywall company has specialized in complete building approaches for every industry, ranging from retail to industrial drywall services. Today, we’ll highlight a few tips to get you thinking about the thermal efficiency of your structure. If you’re looking for complete results for your new build or expansion, our team will be happy to deliver metal stud framing, insulation, and drywall finishing services needed for a quality outcome.


Thermal conductivity will play a major role in your drywall’s effectiveness against the harsh Chicago winters. Thermal bridges can develop at any point along your building envelope where there is little thermal resistance in relativity to the surrounding surfaces. Also known as a thermal bypass, materials with higher conductivity will likely lead to this problem, as the unconditioned air will find the path of least resistance to travel through. Once blizzard season comes your way, it is vital to have a building envelope that avoids thermal bridging.

Beyond the ambient air problems associated with thermal bridging, builders and planners also need to watch out for condensation buildups. Even if your building is outfitted for quality thermal outcomes, condensation can enhance the heat loss of the structure upwards of 40 percent. AZ Drywall Finishing can deliver high-quality outcomes to match every build. We focus on reducing unnecessary framing members, matching framing members when possible, and effectively relying on the best engineering techniques to deliver the highest efficiency and best performance for any system.


While every home and business is unique, most structures tend to harbor weak points in the building envelope. It is critical to check these high-risk areas to ensure a complete seal from the outside elements. Our drywall contractors excel in delivering full-coverage elements to keep your building sealed and insulated. A few areas to look out for include exterior wall plates, rough openings such as doors and windows, HVAC elements, electrical boxes, framed areas such as soffits and fireplaces, and more. By focusing on critical points in your building envelope, you can take active steps toward creating an effective structure.


Many builders and property owners know the value of installing a high-quality air barrier in structure. While the debate has gone on over which delivers better performance, the truth is that the barriers can enhance one another.

AZ Drywall Finishing is here to deliver exceptional outcomes for all of your commercial drywall needs. We also deliver metal stud framing services to completely outfit your building, and will work with you to find the best approach for your design. When it comes to air barriers, it’s important know what each product offers:

  • Interior air barriers help to keep the air in. Installing this barrier will help to keep conditioned air in its space, preventing any infiltration into the insulation. Interior barriers are also advantageous because they help to keep warmer, humid air away from the cold components found within the framing.
  • Exterior air barriers help to keep the ambient air out. These barriers come in numerous styles and designs, and can be relied on to keep the temperatures and humidity stable in your structure.

Your interior’s ability to retain stable humidity levels and temperatures will depend largely on the materials and strategy deployed in keeping outside air out and conditioned air in where it is needed. AZ Drywall Finishing is here to deliver the best result for all types of air barriers, ranging from full house wraps and insulated sheathing to interior panels and precision drywall installations. We can deliver the best products and services to match your building’s structural, aesthetic, and thermal needs, including a range of techniques, sealants, and more.

Next time, our Chicago drywall company will continue this topic by discussing the value of testing your design, as well as how our drywall contractors can help. We take a quality-first approach to every project, and will work hard to achieve the best results for your project. Contact us today to learn more!

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