As an owner, property manager, or building contractor, you are looking for the best value and quality for your structure. Being able to find cost-effective services that improve the comfort and aesthetic qualities of your warehouse or office can prove to be beneficial for many reasons. If you’re looking for professional drywall installation, you’ve come to the right place! AZ Drywall Finishing is proud to be your go-to team of quality drywall contractors in Chicago, utilizing the best equipment and most comprehensive training to provide our clients with the best possible outcomes. Since 1999, our drywall company has worked to set the standard for how drywall installation should be done in Illinois.

Our drywall finishers are passionate about our services, but we understand that the rest of society is not as knowledgeable about our products. Today, we’ll briefly discuss a few major benefits you can expect after installing new drywall in your building. Afterwards, be sure to reach out to our experienced contractors to receive your own quote!


Drywall has replaced plaster over the decades for a plethora of reasons, and one major advantage of drywall is the superior insulation it provides. Chicago’s hot summers and freezing winters require you to outfit your structure with quality materials to help keep the building comfortable all year long. It’s important to retain heat during cold spells and then keep that heat out when the mercury begins to skyrocket. Our commercial drywall company will work to ensure that your walls are perfectly constructed, maximizing temperature retention in order to keep your employees and guests happy. Another benefit comes when your energy bill arrives, as drywall is a fantastic material for reducing temperature loss. Over the years, these small savings will add up, allowing you to focus your expenditure on more pressing matters.


Investing in drywall can result in major benefits when it comes to the safety of your building’s inhabitants. Wallboard is built to minimize building hazards, including:

  • Fire. Modern drywall is more fire-resistant than ever, offering durable protection to help your employees and guests escape if the worst were to happen. As a gypsum product, drywall is made with chemically combined water. Normal building codes require drywall to resist failure for at least one hour.
  • Moisture. From leaks in the roof to failures in the plumbing, water can assault the infrastructure of your building in short order. Drywall is designed to resist moisture, keeping your walls structurally sound. Remember, though, that heavy water exposure can still cause considerable damage!
  • Mold. With the introduction of water comes a high risk for mold growth. This nefarious problem can lead to a wide range of issues for your employees and guests, ranging from respiratory problems to building-wide illness.


The regular wear and tear in your building will begin to add up over time. When it comes to commercial or industrial drywall applications, the damages can range in severity. From minor cosmetic problems such as chips and cracks to larger problems such as holes, gypsum board is not impervious to damage. However, the process of repairing your drywall issues is often very simple and expedient. Drywall contractors and repair specialists can offer fast, cost-effective repairs to return your damage wall to its former glory. Even larger issues can be rectified by replacing an entire segment, reducing your costs and downtime.


Building off our last point is the fact that drywall is easy to break down and recycle. Eventually, the regular use of your facilities will result in drywall that is faded, worn out, and grimy. The process of new drywall installation will include taking the old boards out. Your company can continue operating as normal with the knowledge that you have taken steps to be eco-friendly with your building materials. In today’s society, going green is the way to go for everyone.

Installing drywall in your building can provide numerous benefits for your company over the years. As a top local drywall company in Illinois, we are happy to educate customers about the true advantages of our products. AZ Drywall Finishing is proud to be your all-in-one source for wall finishing, from stud framing to the final layer of point. If you’re looking for quality drywall contractors in the Chicago area, be sure to reach out to us for a quote today!

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