Today, installing drywall has evolved to become a complex process that relies on many different elements coming together for a seamless, professional result. It pays to find a commercial drywall company with the experience and equipment needed to deliver ideal results to match your vision. Architects, designers, new franchisees, and private companies can all benefit from professional drywall services, especially if special tasks are required. Plaster is one decorative material that can coat your interior walls in quality. You can find a range of plaster mixtures available to best match your design demands, with crews trained to expertly apply in concert with other finishes. Builders across Illinois can reach out to AZ Drywall Finishing for complete assistance in finding the best finishes for their projects.

Our drywall contractors in Chicago have the experience and training to deliver an ideal fit for your business’ design demands. Today, we’ll discuss a few types of plaster for use on walls throughout a typical structure. If you’re in need of a quote, be sure to reach out to our drywall company now!


Comprised of lime, sand, and water, lime plaster can be useful for certain projects. This material has been well-established for use over years in wall finishing, becoming a traditional binding agent for a variety of interior and exterior applications. Lime is advantageous in plaster materials because of its plasticity, being able to securely adhere to the surface beneath. When used over stone or in conjunction with drywall installations, be sure to focus on contact points between materials.

Lime plaster is also breathable, allowing it to cure to a quality strength. When applied correctly, this plaster can provide considerable resistance to damages, cracks, and more. If you are interested in learning more about this dynamic in your building design, be sure to reach out to our commercial drywall company for assistance!


As the name entails, this plaster utilizes cement as the binding agent, creating strong and durable surfaces that are sure to resist a variety of hazards. Typically applied in a single coat, cement plaster is useful for rooms or exterior areas that are exposed to damp conditions. From showers and freezers to swimming pools and more, many projects can benefit from the versatility of this surface. Cement is able to smooth out an array of imperfections on the wall, benefitting some buildings in the midst of renovations.


Many clients hire our drywall finishers to deliver high-quality textures and decorative features, and those seeking out plaster can benefit from the use of stucco. Comprised of fine materials, stucco plaster is ideal in both interior and exterior applications, and can be applied in combination with drywall installation services. Cement-based plasters like this are very durable and resistant to impacts, scratches, weather, and more. Your drywall company will be able to provide the best advice for each material, as products such as stucco can be utilized for beautifully personalized results.


One old-school material that has long been used to make strides in building innovation is mud plaster. By combining mud or clay with quality binding agents, builders today can still create beautiful and eco-friendly results. Many professionals apply this finish in two coats, with the finish coat being considerably thinner for a finer outcome. From a structural standpoint, this material is not ideal for traditional designs, making mud plaster ideal for decorative purposes.


In some cases, plaster mixes can be changed to create a specific advantage for a given project. Reducing material shrinkage, for example, may be a top priority in your building, or excess moisture exposure may be prevalent. Regardless of the specific demands of your space, plaster can be changed to deliver an ideal fit.

Personalized Results

Our drywall installation pros are here to provide the best finishes for your building. Builders often have a range of materials to choose from, including plaster and wallboard applications to create beautiful results. Since 1999, AZ Drywall Finishing has worked to provide the best outcomes for every client, relying on our metal stud framing, drywall installation and finishing services, and more. We know what it takes to provide a complete outcome for your building’s needs, whether they consist of a simple remodel, new construction, or anything in between.

Contact us today to learn more about our drywall finishing and coating services, and be sure to ask for your free estimate today!

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