Now that 2019 is upon us, many business owners are looking for dynamic new ways to refresh their look and create a facelift that boosts business in a sustainable, cost-effective manner. In the foodservice industry, restaurants are tasked with the challenge of creating an ideal floor plan that promotes optimal customer flow in a comfortable, durable manner. The design you decide on and the building contractors you work with will both play a major role in the quality of your project’s outcome, and our commercial drywall company is here to help you every step of the way.

AZ Drywall Finishing is proud to be your trusted team of drywall contractors in Chicago since 1999. Our team focuses on providing complete outcomes for remodels, new builds, additions, and more. We specialize in metal stud framing, drywall installation, surface finishes, acoustic ceiling systems, and more to deliver comprehensive quality that is sure to benefit your restaurant for years to come.

If you’re looking for the top design trends of 2019 for food establishments, be sure to read our blog post below to learn about our take on future restaurant trends that may prove beneficial for your business. If you’re ready to create quality outcomes for your building’s interior, be sure to contact our commercial drywall team today for your free estimate!


The days of standard tables and boring chairs are limited, as furniture builders are gearing toward multi-functional pieces that provide the most value and comfort in a compact design. Being able to incorporate unique furniture items into your design can help to create space and comfort, even when the fit is smaller than what customers are used to. It is essential to find the right fit for your unique floor plan, which is where our drywall company can provide considerable value.

AZ Drywall Finishing can deliver quality results for projects of all sizes, and our team can help you to find the right fit for your unique design. Our drywall installers can create the right fit for every room, and will work with you to accommodate your unique design demands. By infusing dynamic furniture applications into your space, you can create a dynamic floor plan that makes a statement and keeps customers coming back for more.


As our last blog posts pointed out, businesses will be focusing even more heavily on creating sustainable interior designs heading into 2019 and beyond. It is highly beneficial to invest in eco-friendly floor plans that help to maximize your energy independence while reducing waste. Increasing natural light, investing in high-efficiency appliances, and creating an effective business model will all help to reduce costs.

Not only will an eco-friendly approach help to cut costs and minimize your carbon footprint, it will also help to increase customer engagement. Many restaurants are beginning to invest in responsibly sourced materials to reinforce their focus on going green. Sustainability will be the keyword in creating a floor plan that pleases your clientele while establishing your credibility as an eco-friendly food establishment.


Creating a comfortable place for customers to sit and enjoy time with friends and loved ones is essential for most restaurants, and for businesses with tight spaces, this goal can prove to be a challenge. 2019 will see small food joints investing in colorful choices that make dramatic impacts in compact areas. Materials such as wallpaper can help to create affordable and updatable styles that can easily be replaced if need be. Thicker coverings such as upholstery and acoustic wall elements can provide considerable comfort in loud, cramped establishments. By incorporating more sound-reducing elements in your design, you can ensure that your patrons are happy with the level of privacy available.

There are many ways in which restaurant owners can improve their interior design in order to create an enjoyable experience for their customers. While the quality of service and caliber of food are essential for harnessing success in this competitive marketplace, the layout of the space can also play a major role in determining how happy clients are after leaving your establishment. Next time, we’ll continue this discussion by highlighting a few more strategies to help make the most of your floor plan. If you’re ready to get started, our drywall contractors in Chicago are here and ready to help!

AZ Drywall Finishing is here to serve as your trusted drywall company for new builds, additions, and remodels. Our team is ready to deliver amazing results in a safe, affordable manner. Contact us today to learn more!

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