2019 is almost here, and many builders and designers are focused on paving the way for dynamic floor plans and versatile commercial spaces. Modern building design has evolved to incorporate the most fashionable trends with cost-effective and eco-friendly solutions that help to create an interior space that captures today’s interests while allowing for future growth. If you’re planning on building, remodeling, or adding onto your building, now may be the perfect time to incorporate modern designs to make the most of your project. It is essential to find the right team to achieve your vision in a safe, effective manner, which is why AZ Drywall Finishing can be a smart choice!

For nearly 20 years, our drywall contractors in Chicago have delivered the best outcomes to businesses of all types across the state. We have the experience, equipment, and ongoing training required to deliver top-notch results that conform to your plans in the most qualitative way possible. Our commercial drywall contractors are here to help you create a sustainable outcome for your business that captures your brand and image while also delivering eco-friendly results.

Last time, our blog post focused on a few of the top interior design trends going into 2019. Today, we’ll continue this topic by discussing a few more ideas that may prove perfect for your building.


One trend that does not seem to be slowing down is the incorporation of exciting elements into any workspace. Often defined as experience-driven spaces, this approach focuses on providing employees with a beneficial amenity not commonly found throughout commercial history. Similarly to focusing on natural elements to boost employee morale and productivity, builders can now incorporate desired activities into their daily workspace, including:

  • Game rooms and rec spaces.
  • Meditation and yoga areas.
  • Gyms, rock walls, and other fitness equipment.
  • Coffee stands or espresso bars.
  • Rec rooms for team activities.
  • Nap pods or resting areas.
  • Acupuncture studios.

While your industry may not allow for some of the amenities listed above, it’s important to remember that the experience is the main motivator for this design choice. As long as you build to suit the goals of your company and the needs of your employees, this experience-first approach will provide considerable benefits for everyone involved. In many cases, our drywall finishers can help the process by providing our advice and expertise. Contact us today to learn about our approach to commercial drywall projects, and be sure to request your free estimate!


Today, corporations are focusing more on breaking away from the mainstream to make an impact with their own unique culture. Branding, and the process establishing an identity, are crucial aspects of standing out in the modern market. Business of all sizes can deploy unique design plans to ensure that their interior space makes a statement for employees and guests alike. Personalized elements have now taken over the one-size-fits-all floor design, creating a space that is more personal and less cold and industrial. Hand-crafted elements can cost more up front, but when bought and placed appropriately, the outcome can prove to be worth every penny.

Our drywall finishers are here to help companies across Chicago create personalized spaces that are as unique as the business itself. AZ Drywall Finishing can create dynamic outcomes with our drywall services that enhance the design of your building. Our commercial drywall company can also meet exacting design specifications to ensure that everything is up to code and ready for business. From retail chains to hospital campuses, we can do it all!


More and more, corporations of all sizes across all industries are relying on eco-friendly outcomes to deliver a sustainable outcome that minimizes their carbon footprint while also reducing long-term energy costs. 2019 will likely see a further rise in the use of green building designs. Focusing on sustainability and the environment at large can also help in reinforcing your company’s focus on the planet’s health. Many customers will prefer to support establishments that take the extra step toward minimizing emissions and energy consumption. Responsibly sourced materials, high-efficiency appliances, and expertly designed floor plans can all help to create an ideal building that will benefit your business and the environment.

AZ Drywall Finishing is proud to be your trusted drywall contractors across Chicago, and our modern approach to installing drywall ensures that you are satisfied with the results. We have the experience and training needed to deliver ideal outcomes on the first try. Contact us today to learn more, and be sure to request your no-hassle estimate!

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